German Kitchen Cabinets

Engineered in Germany; assembled in the UK 

We know what our customers want! Beautiful and long lasting German kitchen cabinets at affordable prices.

That’s why we pride ourselves on making it possible for you to have contemporary, cutting edge German quality kitchens without the German price tag!

We have reduced the cost thanks to cutting on the import tax to offer you with affordable quality whilst supporting our British workforce.

About our Kitchen Products 

  • Buy guaranteed German quality, buy peace of mind.
  • Cabinets assembled according to the cam and dowel system
  • 18mm rigid carcasses including back panel
  • Delivered to your home pre-built, not flatpack
  • Cabinets include rigid boards, cabinets, shelving, drawers, hinges and runners
  • Prices directly from the manufacturer
  • Designers who listen to what YOU want and you can trust


Your new kitchen will be delivered to your home pre-built. The cabinets are assembled to the millimeter and include robust boards, cabinets, shelving, drawers, hinges and runners that will last a lifetime.

These units are built to high-quality German specifications, offering unbeatable value to our customers. Our designers will listen to your concerns and offer you the perfect design for your needs. 

All cabinets have been inspected to the highest standards guaranteeing that these units are robust and long lasting.